The Sankofa Reading Program

The SANKOFA Reading Program
“A Promise for the Future”

A Tutoring Program of the Network for the Development of Children of African Descent

What is Sankofa?
Sankofa is an Adinkra symbol of the Akan people of West Africa. It symbolizes the importance of African people going back to our roots in order to move forward. Sankofa is represented by a mythical bird that flies forward while looking back with an egg (symbolizing the future) in its mouth.

What is the Sankofa Reading Program?
The Sankofa Reading Program is an after-school tutoring program that helps students build reading confidence and cultural identity resulting in better academic performance.

We teach students to master reading skills and strategies that can be applied to any text, any time, for any purpose over a lifetime.


– Culturally-Based Program with Proven Results

– Research-Based Instructional Design

– Aligned with MN State Academic Standards

– Pre and Post Reading Assessments
– Individual Learning Plans
– Small Group and Individual Instruction
– Free Books Given to Each Student
– Highly Qualified Tutors

Multiple locations throughout the metropolitan area

What Parents of SANKOFA Students Are Saying…

“My daughter loves books now. She tries very hard to read all books, she sometimes challenges me.” – Norma

“My children’s confidence in reading has improved. I noticed an improvement also in school and their independent reading.”– Billie

“Both of my children are more confident. They take turns reading aloud. They both use louder and stronger voices no whenreading to a group.” – Ayisha

“He is now eager to learn more and he wants to be able to read the Bible.” – Hassan

“I noticed that all four of my children were confident about reading larger words.” – Thandi

“He no longer puts up a wall when it comes to reading.” – Alice

“My son loves to read now…he can comprehend as well. His knowledge has been transformed into his everyday learning at school and he’s making great improvements.” – Brain

“My child’s behavior has changed to be more in control. He is more confident in school and more willing to speak and ask questions.” – Gina

“My daughter is reading even more that she use to read. My son has improved a lot, sounding out words.” – Ibado

“My son is sounding out words he used to skip.” – Marshelle

“His reading has improved so much his teachers at school have noticed.” – Kizzy


Call Jamie Carter or Sam Ramos, Program Coordinators
651-209-3355 or 612-588-2244