“Parent Power” Advocacy Training

What is Parent Power?

“Parent Power” is a parent training program that helps parents help
their children improve in reading.

We believe that parents are a child’s first, primary, and life-long teachers. Everything parents do at home to advance literacy has long-term effects on preparing a child for success in school and life.

“Parent Power” helps parents build a strong literacy foundation at home and equips them with the necessary tools to advocate for children at school.

Help parents help children improve reading skills
Help parents help children perform better in school
Help parents help children learn to love and appreciate reading

“Parent Power” positively affect how parents see themselves as their child’s teacher and helps parents build effective partnerships with school teachers.



* Understanding your child’s reading level
* Helping your child understand what he or she reads
* Selecting leveled reading materials
* Important questions to ask teachers

Registration & Enrollment:
Call for details
651-209-3355 or 612-588-2244