Uhuru Youth Scholars

Uhuru Youth Scholars is a post-secondary enrollment options course that we offer at NdCAD for high school youth in the 11th and 12th grade. In this course we train the scholars on how to conduction community based action research using a framework call Participatory Action Research (PAR). PAR has a set of ethics built into so that the community that is being impacted by the research is also conducting and in control of the research findings and application. We put that framework inside of and cultural context by examining an African knowledge system that go back to ancient times that was used by the Dogon people.

Once the youth have been grounded in the concept of research and scholarship by being connected to examples from our own community and history, we train them on research methods such as critical text, interviews, surveys, and observations.

The students collectively form their research question and design their approach. After collecting and analyzing their data, they agree upon how they want to disseminate their findings back to the community. Scholars from the past cohorts have traveled and presented to national conferences, written policy briefs, published books, and created documentaries.For participation in this course, the scholars earn college credits.